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aroma customer serviceAroma Espresso Bar is one of my favourite coffee shop chains.

At this location on Bloor Street West in the Annex, Aroma does at least two things to make their customers feel special:

First, when the baristas take your order at the counter, they ask for your name and when the order is ready, they call out your name. This personalizes the service and makes you feel special. Dale Carnegie, developer of famous self-improvement courses once said, “The most beautiful sound to someone’s ears is the sound of their name”. Aroma knows this and leverages this simple principle. It’s a simple act that makes the customer feel special. I ordered nothing fancy, just a regular coffee which was prepared in less than 30 seconds. Aroma could have easily forwent asking my name and handed me the coffee over the counter. Instead, they treated me with the identical personalized service they treat all customers, big or small.

Second, with every order, Aroma includes a small, delicious, branded chocolate. It probably costs Aroma pennies per order for this small gift but I bet the value to the customer far outweighs this nominal investment.

On another note, one patio table was slanted to such an extent that no one would possibly comfortably enjoy their food/drink. I noticed this slanted table over a year ago.  The tilt is caused by the uneven ground in this section of the patio.  Aroma could easily affix spacers/blocks to this table’s legs in order to provide a level eating surface. This is but one of many possible solutions. Let’s hope they fix this table issue, Aroma could seat yet another happy customer.

Regardless, thanks Aroma for making us feel special.



Does your workplace offer an opportunity to give something small to add value to the customer’s experience? Could you borrow the “free chocolate treat” idea or a variation in your own workplace? Possibilities are endless.