When it comes to delivering a great customer experience, all staff must be on board otherwise  the business or organization can suffer.  An incorrect assumption the company’s leader may make is that all employees are reflecting the leader’s positive attitude toward service.

I’ve cruised with Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) several times but the last cruise was somewhat disappointing. One of the observations I made was that unlike previous cruises, the attitude and demeanour of the staff was inconsistent and varied from crew to crew.  Some crew members would greet passengers with a sincere smile and asking them how they were while others were clearly not enjoying their work and barely acknowledged guests.

Customers can be fickle. It often only takes one negative encounter or exchange for a customer to deem the entire experience negative, even though the majority of the experience may have been positive. And should this poor interaction or service be the single interaction the customer has with the business, it could mean the last time the he or she deals with this provider, ever.

Hence the importance that everyone be fully committed to delivering outstanding customer experiences. Everyone.  The old axiom “the rotten apple ruins the bunch” couldn’t be more fitting here; avoid at all cost.



Do you monitor the quality of your employees’ interactions with your customers? Are these in line with your presumably high expectations?

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