Field Reports

Learning to improve customer experiences by observing and analyzing service experiences in the field.
About The Field Reports - Please Read First

This section is not a complaints department.

We can learn the art of delivering outstanding experiences and service from businesses who excel at doing so. We can also learn by observing poor service and endeavouring to do better. This section provides concrete examples and identifies learning points.

We welcome comments but please let’s keep them positive 🙂


Say It Like You Mean It

I used to host my websites and my clients' websites on 1and1, a large web hosting company. Over the years the outsourced support deteriorated to a point where I moved my websites, along with all my client's websites, to another provider. Their bad customer service...

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“Easier for Me” … and Gone!

Here's one experience I've never forgotten and is worth recounting. It's difficult to believe the lack of service that can be found in an industry where service should unequivocally reign: the restaurant business. A few years ago, friends and I went to Phil's Original...

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Something Missing?

Some time ago I was walking on Yonge Street downtown Toronto and wanted a quick meal. I stopped at Villa Madina, a fast food chain which offers "Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on quality and convenience" I purchased a meal combo advertised as “Shawarma and a...

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One Banana Becomes Three

A while back I was on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Wanting to make a sundae at the self-serve buffet, I asked one of the buffet stewards if I could have a fresh banana. I had seen bananas at breakfast but none were displayed during lunch. With a big smile,...

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Too Many Apologies = Alarm

StackIdeas is a Malaysian company that develops and sells plugins for the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). Joomla is similar to WordPress, and a plugin is a "program" which adds functionality to Joomla. As a web designer/developer I used one of their products...

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Golden Gecko, Golden Experience

From the moment I walked into Golden Gecko Coffee I knew it was a special place. What was it? It was a combination of the happy, smiling patrons, the cleanliness, the special touches, Jake the enthusiastic owner with his equally friendly staff, the level of service,...

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The Customer’s Bottom Line, Not Yours

There's this Pizzaria in Toronto my family and I stumbled upon a few years ago after a theatre outing and we've been customers ever since: Bellisimo Pizza. We like Bellisimo partly because: The pizzas have a distinctive taste. To us there's a nostalgic element as the...

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Don’t Call Me Window

What's the most beautiful sound to someone's ears? According to the late Dale Carnegie, American writer and corporate trainer, it's one's own name. As such, to build relationships with our customers and to make them feel important, because they are, whenever possible...

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Honda and Wine?

Exactly one year after the purchase of our Honda from Honda Downtown in Toronto, a notice from Canada Post was left in our mailbox. It indicated a package was awaiting pick-up at the post office. To my surprise, the package in question consisted of a gift box...

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