Here’s another example of how easy it is to exceed expectations, one small step at a time.

Months ago, my wife and I ate at a Sushi restaurant, Mi•Ne Sushi, near Rogers Centre. Our waitress greeted us with a warm, genuine smile. The restaurant had a joyful atmosphere.

I asked for a knife and the waitress quickly provided a knife elegantly wrapped in a napkin. In this simple presentation, I received more than I expected. I expected a knife, I received a knife carefully wrapped in a napkin. This translated to staff/restaurant paying attention to details and giving an extra bit.

As this example demonstrates, opportunities to give more than is expected don’t have to cost much and don’t need to be elaborate. Often, we have all we need to add that little “specialness”.  We simply have to think creatively.


Review what you have at your disposal. Can you think of a way, regardless of how seemingly insignificant, that you can enhance the presentation of your product(s) or service?

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