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Exactly one year after the purchase of our Honda from Honda Downtown in Toronto, a notice from Canada Post was left in our mailbox. It indicated a package was awaiting pick-up at the post office.

To my surprise, the package in question consisted of a gift box containing two bottles of wine; a red and a white. What a pleasant surprise! It included a card signed by our sales person. The card said it was a gift to thank us and for us to celebrate the anniversary of our car purchase. How about that?!

Needless to say, we’ve shared this story with many of our friends.

Like the Aroma experience, the cost of the gift purchased for the customer, relative to the purchase the customer made, is nominal. A small investment which may prompt customers to boast about or broadcast their positive experience. These customers may become advertisers or better yet, become evangelists for your product of service.

On occasion I’ve given clients gifts or discounts and I can attest that it makes a difference. In the long run, it’s a smart investment. As an added bonus, it’ll make you feel good to have the opportunity to make someone’s day.

What is clever about Honda Downtown’s gift is that it was sent to me one year after the car’s purchase. When I would have normally forgotten about them, here was Honda Downtown saying:

– “Pssst! We liked having you as a customer…Thanks again… don’t forget about us :)”.

Thanks Honda Downtown, we raised a few glasses to you!


Businesses Owners:

Can you think of a gift you could give to your select or random clients? Either at the point of purchase or at some time in the future?

Examples: Gift certificate for two at the movies, wine, chocolates, a cheque or e-transfer with a note suggesting it’s for a dinner out, flowers/bouquet, a plant, something for their child or children, or how about this one, some money to go towards a babysitter so the couple can have an evening out? The list is endless.