A while back I stopped at a Pizza Pizza for a quick slice. Pizza Pizza is far from gourmet pizza but one thing you do get in terms of taste/pizza from location to location, is consistency. Kudos to them.

The post’s image is from my visit. What do you notice when you look at the photo above?

The majority of the chairs were askew and the place was in a state of disarray.  This was the state of the place when I arrived and the state of the place when I left some 30 minutes later. The restaurant wasn’t busy, the photo reflects the occupancy during my stay.

I realize that some patrons may not have noticed nor cared at all. I can only speak for myself when I say it left a taste of unease and discomfort eating amidst what seemed the aftermath of a localized tornado. I didn’t find it very welcoming and can’t help but think that at the very least, at a subconscious level, other customers would have felt the place lacked care. I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy visiting places that are unkempt. If the owners/managers/servers don’t care about the place, will they care about their customers? That’s the association many of us make whether consciously or subconsciously.

It wouldn’t take much more than 30 seconds to reposition the chairs and bring order back to the room, making it much more welcoming.

Many questions come to mind, including: Did the cashier/attendant even know this was his/her duty?



Encourage your employees to notice and report areas of improvement, and areas needing attention. Give them examples.

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