There’s very much to gain in being of service to others. Whenever we serve others, we’re making a deposit in our psychic bank account. We’re giving of ourselves, of our skills and we exercise kindness. As such, we’re likely to feel a sense of fulfillment knowing we’re making a positive contribution to another human being and to this wondrous world we live in.

How about a challenge?

What if you were to concentrate on service for 24 hours?

I mean really focus on service, looking for opportunities to serve others in any way, shape or form. Look for opportunities in the mundane, the everyday, the quotidian. Here are some ideas:

  • Someone for whom you can open a door?
  • Help someone carry something
  • Find an opportunity to ask someone “Can I help you?”, a co-worker, strangers on the street
  • Ask a family member if s/he needs help with a chore or activity (homework, housework, yard work)
  • Jump at the opportunity to pick up something someone dropped
  • Assist a co-worker, even in simple ways. Get their coffee/water while you get yours or ask if they’d like you to boil water for them while you head to the staff kitchen.
  • While the kettle boils, do a quick cleanup of the kitchen
  • On the street, pick up rubbish from the sidewalk, for example a discarded coffee cup, and drop it in a nearby trashcan (serving the citizens)
  • If in retail and no customers are waiting to be served, clean the area, arrange shelves, organize displays
  • Reach out to another department and offer your expertise in potential solutions to problems
  • Find ways to go the extra mile for a someone/customer
  • Give a discount or give something at no charge
  • See a neighbour working outside? Ask if they need help

Try it for just 24 hours. One day. Start the clock.

As seemingly simple as this exercise appears, I think the outcome, in terms of how it may make you feel, can be surprising, revealing and greatly satisfying. It’s a simple way to be reminded of the positive feelings brought forth by serving others. It’s one of those mysterious things in life that are obvious, but a recall in the form of this exercise can be beneficial.

Give it a whirl, why don’t you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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