There is one secret ingredient that, when added to a business transaction, will position you above the rest. You probably guessed it, that ingredient is … exceptional service.

It’s no surprise that given two fairly equal products or services, the one paired with exceptional customer care will be the winner and be in greater demand.

Examples are all around us. Speaking from personal experience, let’s take two of the businesses I own. A video production business and a web development business. Each of these are not unique businesses by any means. There are myriad web designers/producers and video production companies to choose from. What sets me apart?  I can compete in the marketplace, get clients and retain customers because of that special ingredient, awesome customer service.

Unless your product or service is so unique that you have no competition and customers have no choice but to buy from you, you’ll likely benefit from adopting this service approach. It’s worth repeating – all things being equal, customers will gravitate toward better service.

I remember many years ago I ate regularly at an Italian restaurant in Burlington, Ontario called Dante’s Trattoria. It was owned and operated by Dante and his family. The food was excellent. However, it’s the service I received that made me return repeatedly and made Dante’s my favourite restaurant.

Every time I visited, I witnessed Dante, the owner, personally come to every table with a brilliant smile and chat with the patrons, ensuring all was well and thanking them for coming to his restaurant. He would build a relationship with his patrons and was genuinely interested; something you rarely see at restaurants. Many years later, after having moved away, I revisited Dante’s Trattoria. The owner’s son was now in charge and I’m happy to report that the personal attention to the guests had been passed down to the next generation.

In writing this post, I was curious as to what had come of Dante’s Trattoria. It was with sadness that I learned the business had closed in 2008 due to family illness. However the story is bittersweet, and you can discover the “sweet” part in this online story of Dante’s Trattoria.  Dante’s kindness and generosity were genuine and expanded beyond business. Once again, we see that “giving” and “awesome customer experiences”, often come as a pair.

Dante’s Trattoria used the “Ingredient of Distinction”: service. Do you?

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