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Some time ago, I was evaluating a program called “LogMeIn” for accessing & managing computers remotely.

The program was offered as both a free and paid version. After reviewing the differences, I concluded that for now, the free version would suit my purpose. To try the free version, I had to register by filling out a fairly elaborate online form.

Here’s the bad news. After completing and submitting the form, I was informed the free version was only valid for 14 days. I was evaluating the software as a permanent, long term solution and this 14-day limitation made LogMeIn useless to me. Had this limitation been clearly indicated up front, I would not have wasted my time, I would have promptly moved along to reviewing other potential free remote assistance software.

I emailed LogMeIn and mentioned this lack of transparency to them. More bad news. I didn’t hear from them. The good news? It would appear they addressed complaint as it is now clearly indicated that the free version is time-limited.

The story doesn’t end here. Because I felt duped, and for security reasons, I wanted to cancel my user account on their server.  Since the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), many large companies allow users to self-delete user accounts. This wasn’t the case for LogMeIn. I proceeded to email the company, politely asking them to delete my account.  They emailed me a template-letter with several fields to fill out, which I was to return to them. I questioned this and asked if they could simply delete the account and save the hassles. They refused, stating that the form had to be completed and emailed back. This would serve as authorization to delete the account. Even though I was communicating with them using the very email I wanted removed from their servers, they insisted I spend more time to remove my account. A huge inconvenience to the customer.

Here’s a copy of the email response regarding my account deletion.

LogMeIn failed on two fronts: They weren’t transparent with their offer and they failed to implement a simple system for customers to have their user accounts deleted; even for an account that was only a few minutes old.



1. Be transparent with services or offers you make, otherwise you may repel customers, instead of attracting them.

2. Do you have simple procedures to deal with common client requests?