In books I’ve read and, on the internet, I’ve often come across variations of the story of Einstein being asked:

“Why are we here?”
to which he responded:
“We are here for only one purpose, and that is to serve others”

Researching the above quote for this article led me to a presumably genuine letter from Einstein, dated April 28, 1951.  The letter is a response to the existential question he had been asked, “Why are we alive?”

Here’s the genius’ response:

(link to external web page where this letter was found)

I want to focus on the heart of the letter, the sentence:
“To create satisfaction for ourselves and for other people.”

What is a most recognized way of creating satisfaction for others? … Servitude.

There we have it. The greatest genius the world has ever known, recognizing and endorsing the importance of serving others.

To answer the title question, Yes.  I personally would believe Einstein regarding this wisdom.

One of the reasons I created ACE is that I believe with all my heart that Service runs much deeper than making customers happy. As Einstein says, it’s one important reason we humans exist, why we’re alive. Humans have the capacity to love, and service is a primary vehicle to give and share our love with others.

When you think about it, it makes sense. If loving or embodying feelings of love makes you feel good, and Service is a channel for love, by deduction then, Service will make you feel good.

If I’m having a day where I feel a bit down for whatever reason, I turn my focus to Service, in whatever I do, and the world turns from monochromatic to lustrous colours.

Additionally, the person(s) we’re serving will feel the warmth conveyed by love and caring as well.

It’s also no surprise that most studies and books on happiness rank Service (serving others) as an important way to finding happiness. Also related to happiness is finding meaning in our lives. Again, serving others can certainly help finding meaning in our lives, as Einstein stated.

I say we heed The Great Mind, Einstein. Let’s be alive! Let’s feel alive! … by bringing satisfaction to others in the form of Service.

 “Choose to serve, the world will begin to love you immediately” – Sri Chinmoy

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